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Wednesday, 20th March 2019 1:58 am

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Latest Results (float/click for more info): Racketball Division East:   Lewes Racketball I  4  Crowborough Racketball II  14   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball II  0  The West Worthing Club Racketball I  16   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  16  The West Worthing Club Racketball I  3   -   Racketball Division West:   The West Worthing Club Racketball I  3  Corals Racketball I  14   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  16  Middleton Racketball II  3   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball I  16  Middleton Racketball II  3   -   Racketball Division East:   Crawley Racketball I  13  Lewes Racketball I  9   -   Racketball Division East:   Crowborough Racketball I  16  Crowborough Racketball II  1   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  13  Middleton Racketball I  6   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball II  0  Corals Racketball I  16   -   
Birthday Greetings today to:
Rob Kemp
Happy Birthday Rob
(Weald) -
John Cove
Happy Birthday John
(Dunnings S and RC) -
Matthew Hansford
Happy Birthday Matthew
(Middleton) -
Matthew Hansford
Happy Birthday Matthew

Cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, tote bags, shopping bags, patchwork cushions, appliqued cushions, embroidered cushions, wheat bags, heat proof pot holders, owl cushions with pockets in the wings(great for holding remote controls). Door stops, mug rugs, cuddly toys, pin cushions, gifts for sewing enthusiasts, etui/needlework boxes, place mats, patchwork covered books with pen/pencil slot, peg bags, childrens mobiles, tissue holders, keyrings, glasses pouches, drawstring bags.
Racketball Division East (2500)* Pld Won Points
Crowborough Racketball I 5 4 53
Lewes Racketball I 6 2 50
Crawley Racketball I 5 3 40
Crowborough Racketball II 6 2 19
Racketball Division West (2500)* Pld Won Points
Corals Racketball I 6 6 91
Middleton Racketball I 5 3 57
The West Worthing Club Racketball I 5 2 39
Middleton Racketball II 6 0 13

* Relative playing standard of League (Base ES Grading Points)

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