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Thursday 09-Jun-2016 to Friday 30-Sep-2016

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Wednesday, 13th December 2017 7:02 am

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Latest Results (float/click for more info): Racketball Division East:   Lewes Racketball I  4  Crowborough Racketball II  14   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball II  0  The West Worthing Club Racketball I  16   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  16  The West Worthing Club Racketball I  3   -   Racketball Division West:   The West Worthing Club Racketball I  3  Corals Racketball I  14   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  16  Middleton Racketball II  3   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball I  16  Middleton Racketball II  3   -   Racketball Division East:   Crawley Racketball I  13  Lewes Racketball I  9   -   Racketball Division East:   Crowborough Racketball I  16  Crowborough Racketball II  1   -   Racketball Division West:   Corals Racketball I  13  Middleton Racketball I  6   -   Racketball Division West:   Middleton Racketball II  0  Corals Racketball I  16   -   

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Racketball Division East (2500)* Pld Won Points
Crowborough Racketball I 5 4 53
Lewes Racketball I 6 2 50
Crawley Racketball I 5 3 40
Crowborough Racketball II 6 2 19
Racketball Division West (2500)* Pld Won Points
Corals Racketball I 6 6 91
Middleton Racketball I 5 3 57
The West Worthing Club Racketball I 5 2 39
Middleton Racketball II 6 0 13

* Relative playing standard of League (Base ES Grading Points)

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